Happy Hour at the Capital Grille with the Vixen

mini signature cheeseburger

When I walked into Capital Grille last Wednesday, I intended to make it a short trip. I was visiting for the Vixen’s happy hour event and needed to get back to the Eastside for another event (welcome to the Minty’s double, sometimes triple-booked life). I was immediately greeted by everyone in the restaurant as made my way up the stairs. I’m talking about managers, servers, everyone. They stopped to say hello and this made an indelible impression. What a nice place, I thought. I couldn’t even see any of the tacky old Hard Rock Cafe decor left behind. The Capital Grille transformed the space into a dark, clubby steakhouse, in the corner of the Beverly Center. And I felt right at home.

I was greeted with mini signature cheeseburgers as soon as I got up the stairs. Before I could even check in. Before I could even get a drink. Ah, when in Rome…


It was a very welcome bite, juicy and I quickly found myself craving a beverage to go with.

Hemingway Daiquiri

I made my way to the bar and ordered a Hemingway Daiquiri which was $6 lousy bucks at happy hour. Six! Though, I’m fairly certain they forgot the splash of Luxardo as my cocktail was all booze. I compared it to a (male) friend’s Hemingway which was a soft pink. He joked they deliberately made his pink to show manly he was.

mini lobster and crab burger

After nibbling on some cocktail shrimp and grilled cheese (what they’re called “mini mozzarella, proscuitto and basil sandwich”) and , I got down to serious business. I was offered the lobster and crab mini burger, steak tenderloin mini burger and mini lobster salad roll.

mini tenderloin sandwich

lobster salad sandwich

I can’t decide if I was more in love with the crab and lobster or the pure delicious lobster salad. At $6 each (and you get two per order!), it’s hard to not order both. There’s also the fab tenderloin sandwich. The steak was cooked just how I liked it, medium rare.

I was very pleased with the event. I liked that they even extended happy hour for Vixen’s group but alas, I had to run off. Next time I’ll have to try more cocktails though their list is rather heavy on the vodka drinks. Maybe they’ll make something for bourbon-loving Minty?

And guess what? I got a handwritten thank you  note from the servers today. How nice! Very classy.

The Capital Grille

8614 W. Beverly Blvd. #157, Los Angeles, CA 90048 – (310) 358-0650