Brazilian BBQ at Wildwood Ovens

Wildwood Ovens

I was invited to a party at Wildwood Ovens a couple of weeks ago. Up until that point, I had no idea Wildwood existed. Located in Eagle Rock, it’s almost easy to miss. But that only adds to the allure. Once inside, you’re in an oasis of space, surrounded by lovely plants.


Wildwood Ovens offers cooking classes and event space in addition to selling hand built, wood-fired ovens.

Wildwood Ovens

I watched an array of beautifully grilled and roasted food platters hit the table. The urge to take photographs warred with the urge to eat!

roast pork

braised short ribs

The short ribs were braised and roasted in an cast iron pot that was extremely hot to touch. The short ribs were destined for the many wonderful thin-crust pizzas that came out though I think my favorite was the Margherita, the cheese and tomato.

grilling pork and lamb

grilled pork

Maybe I need to take a class, I loved the marinade on the pork skewers. The 3-hour classes end in a group meal. That sounds like the best sort of cooking class. Wildwood Ovens offers:

  • Neopolitan Pizzas
  • Totally Tapas
  • Brazilian BBQ (Churrasco)

roasted potato

There was so much more meat and it was nice to enjoy the accompanying sides; bread, vegetables (the asparagus and peas were especially great) and these wee potatoes. I ate one, skin and all.

I started musing wouldn’t it be lovely to rent this space for a BBQ versus trekking out to a park or beach with not so ideal grill conditions? And bonus, you can work with them on your beverage needs. No need to be wary of the law frowning on you and your open containers.You could have up to 40 guests. Or you could rent the space inside for a more intimate group.

So when’s the next party?

Wildwood Ovens

1520 Eagle Rock Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90041

Contact Anne for event bookings: 323.255.6578