Echo Park: Xioa



Xioa opened over a year ago and my friend had just moved to the neighborhood. Unfortunately they weren’t open when we first tried to go and then it never went back to the top of my mental list of restaurants to try. In Los Angeles, new restaurants open all the time and it takes me some time to try to get around to all of them.

After getting drinks at Mohawk Bend, I decided it was time to finally try the Vietnamese cafe.

My friend who lives in the neighborhood actually has gone several times and she always orders the same noodle dish. I wanted to get that as well but decided to try something else. I was hoping she’d give me a bite of hers.

Mi Quang


My friend ordered her usual Mi Quang which is a bowl of yellow rice noodles with crushed peanuts, sesame crackers, lettuce, bean sprouts and mint. Xioa serves their Mi Quang with shrimp and pork. It looked good! I love those wavy yellow noodles.

lemongrass beef & crispy spring roll bun mi

I wasn’t particularly feeling a big bowl of pho since it was a warm night. Though later I started craving it when I saw others around me get bowls. What’s the next best thing? A big bowl of bun mi! I got my rice vermicelli noodles with lemongrass pork although they gave me beef. That was fine as I like moo as much as oink oink. Xioa’s beef was surprisingly good. I liked how fresh the veggies were as well.

All in all, it was a great neighborhood spot. I’m interested in the more fusion-y items next time like tacos or posole.



1801 W Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026 – (213) 413-3232