Mid City: Negroni and Pasta at Terroni


Terroni has always been on my list and I finally had a chance to check it out a couple of weeks ago. They don’t take reservations so we had a drink at the bar before dinner. I thought it was amusing most of the cocktails are either made with Campari or Aperol. Pretty much the same side of the coin, Aperol being slightly less bitter.


I’ve been ordering Negronis lately and noticed they sometimes come on the rocks which is traditional or sometimes it’s up. I prefer it up but on ice is fine.

duck proscuitto with burrata

oyster mushrooms

We decided to go heavy on the appetizers and pasta while skipping mains. I was with Mark and Angela from I Flip For Food and they insisted that the thing to get was the duck proscuitto. I can see why they like this hearty yet delicate dish. Who can say no to burrata?

We also tried out the oyster mushrooms. I didn’t care for them breaded and crispy but the table seemed to enjoy this dish.

grilled octopus with Sicilian ratatouille

baked eggplant

My favorite of the appetizers was actually the baked eggplant. I can never cook eggplant properly so it’s always a treat to order it out. The octopus was a bit off, some pieces were tough and some were too salty.

linguine and clams

sausage pasta with Italian summer truffles

seafood pasta

Of the three pastas we ordered, I was surprised that I liked the pork best. I usually go for seafood first. The linguine and clams as well as the seafood pasta were good but nowhere near the level of my favorite Drago Centro.

Nutella Fritters


As for the desserts, they were good. The table went gaga over the nutella fritters. I didn’t care much for the budino though. It doesn’t compare to Mozza’s at all. Yet, when you put together a decent Negroni, some good apps, a nice pasta and a pretty good dessert, you have your favorite busy neighborhood Italian restaurant.


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