Pasadena: Musha for Home-style Japanese Food

spicy tuna dip

I’ve always wanted to try Musha though I’ve always heard the Torrance location was better and I never seem to make it out that way. I would have had a better chance of going to the Santa Monica one but it never came up. I was so happy when I heard Musha opened a location in Pasadena which is much easier for me to get to.

We started with the spicy tuna dip which wasn’t very spicy at all. Still, loved the crunchy rice crackers it was served with.

uni pudding

I mainly wanted to go to try the uni pudding (chawan mushi). I saw a friend post a picture that had all this luscious uni on top. Sadly, the one I got didn’t feature the same huge pieces. It was still good but once you ate the uni, the actual chawan mushi didn’t taste like anything.

hamachi sashimi

We also got a couple orders of sashimi; yellowtail and salmon. The hamachi (yellowtail) was exactly how I like it- firm and sweet. The sake (salmon) was cut in kind of odd pieces and was a bit stringier. Still, very luscious.

salmon sashimi

Odd 2X4 sized pieces.

spicy pork fried rice


My friend asked me what else I wanted. I was torn between a vegetable and the fried rice. Eventually stuffing our faces with carbs won out. And I’m so glad I opted for the spicy pork. While not really spicy, it had a good amount of heat when you got a hit of chili oil. We cleaned the whole plate and then was too full to consider dessert. A stroll around Old Town Pasadena was in order after our meal.

Musha’s the sort of place I really like- homey Japanese food. With a little bit of everything from soup, noodles, raw stuff to yes, even a hot sushi chef. Hai!



Musha Pasadena

58 E Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91105 — (626) 405-1518

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