West Hollywood: New Cocktails at Cecconi’s

Head Bartender Patrick at Cecconi’s

I was invited to check out the new cocktails at Cecconi’s recently. Chris Ojeda, the Creative Bar Director for Soho House and Cecconi’s has come up with a list of classics with a twist. First, Head Bartender Patrick gave us the Aperol Punch to try. It’s a play on an Aperol Spritz. With Bombay London Dry gin, prosecco, rose petal tea syrup, lemon and Bittermens Boston Bittahs, this was an aromatic way to begin a leisurely evening at the bar.

Aperol Punch

Bittermens Boston Bittahs

I love that Bittermens has a bitters called Boston Bittahs. It’s a summery bitters with a lot of citrus and chamomile. It works very well with the rose petal syrup and the floral quality of the Aperol Punch.

the bar

The bar at Cecconi’s looks like a lab. Farm to Glass, indeed!

fava bean & burrata bruschetta

We ordered a round of cicchetti or bar bites. I love fava beans and burrata. Combining the two for bruschetta was an Eureka moment for me. I’ll have to try that at a dinner party or just go to Cecconi’s sooner rather than later for this bar bite.

burrata, zucchini blossom, black truffle pizzetta

If you thought fava beans and buratta was a bit like cheating than getting a pizzetta with burrata, zucchini blossoms and black truffle was stealing the exam and sharing the answers with all your friends. Get this pizzetta!

Pink Lady

Cecconi’s has played with the classic White Lady to come up with their Pink Lady (Bombay High Proof gin, apple brandy, egg white). Old Hollywood loved these cocktails and the updated version will appeal to modern palates.

Piccante Paloma

Patrick told us one evening a group of young ladies wanted a spicy cocktail and the Piccante Paloma was born. Cazadores tequila combined with Aperol, freson chili pepper, agave, grapefruit and sea salt combine got the blood going and the appetite as well. We had one more bar bite but decided to share a few items from the main menu as well.

lamb sausage and roast peppers

Lamb sausage with roast peppers was another great small bite to share. The sausages were so tender.


grilled octopus


I can’t help but order octopus everywhere I go. The grilled octopus under appetizers was so tender. Some have said this is the year of the octopus. It may be true. Treated right, the octopus has the same great “meaty” texture but it’s seafood.

linguine & clams


We decided to share a couple of pastas as well.  I’m always game to try a good linguine and clams. Cecconi’s makes theirs with sea urchin which is even more delightful.

Kentucky Maid

My go-to spirit of choice tends to be whiskey so I had my eye on the Kentucky Maid. Although it’s not a julep, it has leanings towards one with the bourbon and the mint. But updated with cucumber and lime, the drink is lively versus the slow sippin’ juleps.

crab ravioli


But my favorite pasta this evening was the crab ravioli with English peas and mint. I would be quite happy to have just ordered this and a salad. Well, and maybe some of those wonderful cicceti we had earlier- particularly the fava bean and burrata bruschetta.

Gallegante Swizzle

We finished off our night with the ginormous dessert platter despite the fact someone would have to roll me out of Cecconi’s. I was also very happy to have the Gallegante Swizzle which went perfectly with its flavors of Zaya rum, coffee, chocolate and mint. Topped off with a float of Fernet, this was the ideal digestive for me.



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