New Orleans: Drinks at SoBou

Bar Chef Abigail Gullo

While I was in New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail, I tried the new SoBou restaurant and met Bar Chef Abigail Gullo. SoBou is part of the Commander’s Family of restaurants which includes the famous Commander’s Palace. SoBou is now the restaurant at the W Hotel French Quarter.

Faubourg Punch

The Faubourg Punch (Earl Grey-infused gin, fresh lemon, cassis, sparkling wine) was a nice welcome drink. A faubourg means neighborhood or suburbs in old French.

duck confit sweet potato beignets

One of my goals for my NOLA trip was to eat beignets. While I didn’t make it to Cafe du Monde (tragic, I know), I did have some really nouvelle ones at SoBou. The duck confit sweet potato beignets were so good. I debated if it was good manners to take two.


The pork cracklins went so fast, I couldn’t snap a pic but I got a great one of the meatballs which were as juicy as you can imagine.

cocktails at SoBou

SoBou does a special $.25 cent martini (gin or vodka) during weekdays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. You could also get pink gin, Commander’s Palace Cha Cha or Pink Elephants On Parade. Limit 3 per person. I remember this special from Commander’s Palace in Las Vegas (now sadly closed).

shrimp and tasso pinchos

We also sampled the shrimp and tasso pincho with grilled pineapple. Ah, delicious.

classic daiquiri

I was still thinking about the food at SoBou the next day when I went back. They were packed and we couldn’t even get a seat at the bar. So we settled for drinks. A friend got a classic daiquiri.

Famous Grouse Sour

I probably should have tried some original cocktails but I was worn down a bit from the heat and wanted a quick pick me up. I asked for a Famous Grouse sour. I love Abigail dearly (especially after reading this article) but I was a tiny bit surprised by the garnish. A peel had been taken from the wedge and frankly this is unattractive. These lemons should have been used for juicing. Does it affect the drink? Yes and no. I still enjoyed my drink but it does detract from the look of the cocktail.

Banks 7 Rum

Fans of Banks 5 Rum should know there’s Banks 7 at SoBou. Now imagine having this in your daiquiri!

I definitely recommend reservations if you want to try the food at SoBou.


310 Chartres St., New Orleans, LA 70130 — (504) 552-4095
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