SGV: Noodles and More at Tasty Garden in Monterey Park

shrimp and scrambled eggs

After trips, I usually go straight to the nearest noodles joint. After my last couple of trips, I went to Tasty Garden in Monterey Park. I’ve been to several locations and it doesn’t differ that much from the others except this one is close to the gym. So I suppose I could also work out before (after?) a meal. Or rather, probably go to the movies also located in the same complex.

das boots!

I can’t help but giggle every time I order Hong Kong cafe style drink at Tasty Garden. They come in glass boots. Now, if only there was beer…

boneless chicken

My brother really wanted the boneless chicken which I compared immediately to Phoenix Inn.

Although I have fond nostalgic feelings for the chicken at Phoenix Inn, I thought the chicken was better seasoned at Tasty Garden. Just add a bowl of white rice and you’re ready to go. We also loved the fluffy eggs with shrimp. Very homey.

beef chow mein

My brother and I have completely different palates. He prefers beef over anything else while I go for seafood first then pork second. I usually win at picking out things to order but I was tired from my trip and thought, “hey, the poor boy just wants some beef.” So, beef chow mein. Woah, saucy! It quickly turned any crispiness into a soft pile of noodles- defeating the purpose of ordering the noodles extra crispy. Ah well, eat fast if you want some crunch! I have to say though the beef was actually very welcome after weird bits of seafood sometimes makes it to mixed seafood noodles at Chinese joints.

Singapore Noodles

Alas, the Singapore Noodles I wanted were a fail. This dish was too dry.

beef and wontons noodle soup

We fared a little better with the beef and wontons noodle soup. Until my brother made a mess of picking one out and it rolled onto the floor. 10 second rule? Nah.

mabo tofu

One of these days I’m going to perfect my mabo tofu dish. Until then, I’m just going to keep ordering it everywhere I go. I just like a pile of gravy, tofu and bits of minced pork with plain white rice sometimes.

ong choy

And no Chinese meal is complete without veggies. This time we had ong choy. My brother complained about the portion being too small. It was a bit on the petite side considering how enormous gravy-flecked dishes can be. Oh, we discovered the secret- order more meat.

Tasty Garden

500 N Atlantic Blvd., Ste 100, Monterey Park, CA 91754 — (626) 872-0900
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