Cambridge: Lunch at the Royal Sonesta Hotel’s ArtBar

the biggest pickle wedge?

In between Boston Cocktail Summit seminars, we grabbed lunch at ArtBar which is located inside the Royal Sonesta Hotel. At one of the seminars, someone had brought in burgers and we had to go investigate for ourselves if the smell lived up to the taste.

clam chowder

It wasn’t chilly at all but a beautiful sunny day. I still ordered clam chowder. I would have loved more clams and “stuff” (celery?)  but otherwise it was good.

regular ArtBar burger

TreasureMA got the works burger with bacon but I stuck to a regular burger. Oh man! It came with the most ginormous pickle! Loved that!

perfectly medium-rare burger

I’m from California. We cut our burgers in half before eating. Also, it shows off how beautiful and perfectly cooked medium-rare burger was.

Sometimes I fear hotel restaurants aren’t very good but they always do brisk business because of their guests. I’m glad to report the food was actually tasty and we’d return. But not on the same day, of course.

ArtBar at the Royal Sonesta

40 Edwin Land Blvd., Cambridge, MA 02142 — (617) 806-4122
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