Las Vegas: Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare

fresh seafood display

fresh seafood display

When I was in Las Vegas late last year, I was torn about going to both Milos, my favorite seafood restaurant and the touted Bartolotta. I love seafood but just how much can I eat of it in only a few short days? On this last trip, I made sure to go to Bartolotta. Now having had both, I can confidently say I’d go to both on the same trip because although they’re both seafood-based, one is Greek and the other is Italian. You might think I would have figured this out before hand but only having eaten at both can you really conclude that.


amuse – crispy fish


We ran into someone who used to work at the Wynn and got the run-down on the best dishes to order. The restaurant is quite beautiful and we got to enjoy the view of the reflection pool outside while having fresh seafood. It was also very lovely to get the amuse. Our server was this amazing Italian man who was very animated and opinionated about our selections. He helped guide us in ordering as well.




Originally we were going to get one large langoustine but our server recommended two medium-sized ones to better serve our party of 3. To be honest, I would have liked my own after trying it out! It’s simply grilled which is the best way to showcase the firm, yet creamy seafood.

I tried to crack open those claws too but it took a lot of work to get out a sliver of meat. Like lobsters, these giant shrimp or baby lobsters is all about the tail (something probably said a bit in Vegas, ha ha).


artichoke salad with porcini mushrooms


We had a really great grilled artichoke salad with porcini mushrooms. The huge shavings of Sardinian pecorino cheese also led the road to flavor town.

octopus salad

octopus salad


Although we had a great octopus salad the night before, I couldn’t help but order the octopus salad at Bartolotta. Oh, it was perfect with bits of potato the lightest dressing of simply olive oil and lemon.




We were told we could not miss the amberjack. I didn’t read the menu too closely so all of us were a bit unprepared for cooked fish. It was great and I can definitely see why this dish with anchovy sauce is a stand-out. I would love to try the tiny clams or cuttlefish next time.


sheep’s milk ricotta cheese ravioli


Is it possible to leave an Italian restaurant without pasta? No, I didn’t think so. We got the sheep’s milk ricotta ravioli. You know that maybe over-used saying “like a cloud?” Yes, these ravioli were like tiny perfect clouds of cheese. Every bite was a bit of a revelation between the Marsala wine glaze and pecorino (this time Tuscan).



seafood risotto


We also got the seafood risotto. We toyed with the idea of getting another pasta along with the risotto and was in fact set on getting the linguine and clams but our server suggested we just get the risotto. It was probably a good thing  he was looking out for us.


warm chocolate cake with banana gelato


For dessert we got the warm chocolate cake with banana gelato. As a result of our foodie picture taking ways, the gelato melted a bit. I assure you it was a beautiful presentation before I awkwardly stuck the crisp into it. I loved the passionfruit pearls with this cake as well.


semifreddo with bitter chocolate sauce and dried figs


We also got the semifreddo. I loved the dried figs in wine sauce with this moist and dense semifreddo.




What do the Italians call the special sweet treats they give you at the end? The French say mignardises. Whatever it may be, they were very special and made me almost want coffee to go with my treats.

Is Bartolotta the best Italian Seafood restaurant in Las Vegas? I’d say so.


Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare

at the Wynn Hotel

3131 Las Vegas Blvd. South., Las Vegas, NV 89109  —  (702) 770-3305
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