Las Vegas: Tacos El Gordo

various tacos

various tacos

Since airport food tends to be so horrible, I rather wait until I get to my destination for food. This usually then means eating at an odd hour when I finally get into town. When I got to Las Vegas, I walked quickly to the nearest taco spot, Tacos El Gordo. Although it was around 3 p.m., there were quite a few people there. They took up about half the restaurant and some sat outside. I decided to sit in the quiet section which I later found out people naturally avoided since they were starting to clean that half of the restaurant. Well, good thing tacos are easy to gobble down. I actually thought about a couple more tacos but the lines can be very confusing.

At Tacos El Gordo, you order from your individual meat slinger but I followed the others in front of me and got all my tacos from the put-out asada guy. He would then relay the rest of your order to others.

I chose the carne asada, lengua, cabeza and adobada (spicy pork).


adobada – spicy pork

I generally liked the pork but found it too fatty for me. I like leaner al pastor or if I can find it, carnitas.


lengua – tongue

I did really enjoy the lengua. The tongue was firm but not chewy.


carne asada – beef

I was disappointed with the carne asada. Coming in from Los Angeles, I can find great carne asada at my local carniceria and grill it up myself. But I generally like my taco tables and trucks and cooking your own tacos seem fiscally stupid. The good thing about Tacos El Gordo was the pricing wasn’t much more than a LA taco table or truck.


cabeza – head

My favorite taco then was the cabeza or head. It was full of all the yummy bits. Don’t ask what, you really don’t want to know what’s under that salsa verde anyway.

Overall, I enjoyed my tacos lunch. Side note- other than the avocado sauce, I garnished my tacos rather similarly- I like cilantro, pico de gallo and salsa verde. But you can of course have salsa roja.

Tacos El Gordo

3049 S Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109  —  (702) 641-8228

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