Pasadena: Going for the Pho at Abricott Cafe

brisket pho

pho noodles soup with brisket

While looking for a lunch spot in Pasadena a couple of weeks ago, I came across Abricott Cafe, a cafe with a mixture of Asian and American comfort food dishes. I couldn’t decide if I should get a burger- I was eying the lemongrass chicken burger (they have a regular burger, too) or explore the Asian side.

In the end, I opted to try the Asian stuff such as the chicken wings which reminded me a bit of Korean fried chicken. It came with a side of rice. I asked for the kimchi fried rice but it normally comes with white or brown rice.





I was meeting someone and thought they’d share the food with me but things happened and I ended up having to eat all the wings. I suppose I could have packed it and the rice up but I didn’t like the rice that much. And I can handle a few wings right?

kimchi fried rice

kimchi fried rice


Well, no. I had also ordered the pho which came with thick pieces of brisket. It was the best brisket I’ve had in a bowl of pho in recent memory. Abricott is set up so that you order at the counter and they bring you the food. But you can get your own water and condiments. I didn’t see the hoisin and hot sauces at first and tried the broth plain. I liked it that way but wished for some bean sprouts for the soup. It already came with basil in the bowl.

Next time, I’m going to restrain myself from ordering so much. But now the question is curry or the croque madame? Salad– the trout and papaya salad looks great –or banh mi? And breakfast is served until 3 p.m.? Oh man, I really need some dining partners to break down this menu!


Abricott Cafe

238 S Lake Ave., Pasadena, CA 91101  —  (626) 796-1613
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