Miami: Happy Hour at Tongue and Cheek



For our last meal in Miami, we chose to go to Tongue and Cheek. We had spotted it on our trips to Tap Tap and Joe’s and was curious about it. After reading the menu, I remarked to Carina it was exactly the type of restaurant we ate at all the time (New American, farm to table)– and enjoyed. So how could we not try it?

She is into apples and bourbon so the Bourbon for Apples seemed like a natural drink she’d order. We loved the “apple ice cubes.” What fun drink and it was perfectly balanced.

Bourbon for Apples – Buffalo Trace bourbon, green apple, thyme


cheddar biscuits


Tongue and Cheek is a relative newcomer to the South Beach scene. The kitchen sent out some cheddar biscuits for us to munch on while we waited for our food. We ordered lightly since we were on our way to the airport.

The biscuits reminded me of gourgeres with their flakey, chewy texture.


compressed watermelon mojito

I was a little bit surprised Carina didn’t go for a daiquiri or a variation. She did me proud though and ordered a mojito to toast the end of our tropical vacation. Tongue and Cheek has a nifty watermelon one with kaffir lime. It was very aromatic.

Compressed Watermelon Mojito – Barcadi dark rum, kaffir lime, fresh mint


boquerones – white sardines


For a snack, we got the boquerones (white sardines). These reminded me of tapas where you would keep the little dishes coming and the suds flowing in Spain. I loved the combination of olive oil and vinegar.

family meal

family meal


What’s great about Tongue and Cheek is you can order the family meal at the bar. It’s the meal prepared for staff and it changes daily. It’s a great deal for $10 since it includes a main, sides and a soft drink. This night was brisket with corn on the cob, potato salad, biscuit and I chose an orange Fanta.


Red Dawn


I’ve had whiskey and ginger– which some call a Dublin Donkey when made with Jameson. And I’ve had a Moscow mule before. But I had never thought about combining the two. And it turned out to be rather refreshing with rhubarb bitters as well. This is a great drink for Miami and for those easing into whiskey.

Red Dawn – Woodford Reserve bourbon, Russian Standard Vodka, ginger beer, rhubarb bitters, fresh rhubarb garnish




The Walking Dead


Although I wouldn’t describe the drinks at Tongue and Cheek to be molecular, they are definitely leaning towards those techniques. The dried strawberries rim for the Walking Dead  is an example of this along with the compressed watermelon for the mojito. Though the most interesting modern molecular example was the Bourbon for Apples with the “apple ice cubes” to represent apples. I liked that the molecular aspect isn’t thrown around and it’s just a tool for the bartender to present the cocktails in a different, fun way.

The Walking Dead – Death’s Door gin, Matt’s Farm strawberries

Carina just moved to Miami so we’ll be visiting again. I’d love to do a sit-down meal though my preference is always the bar.

Tongue and Cheek

431 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139  —  (305) 704-2900
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