Bozeman, Montana: Breakfast at Nova

Nova Cafe

Sandwich board at Nova

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I love asking locals where to go eat. Although I tend to make huge lists of places I want to try, It’s always nice to hear it directly from someone who lives there. Several people at Copper Whiskey Bar told us to check out Nova for breakfast.

What we hadn’t expected was it to be so busy but it was a holiday weekend. The hostess was nice enough to tell us we could order from the full menu on the coffee bar side and eat there if we found room.

meat lovers' omelette

meat lovers’ omelette

Faced with the sudden challenge of what I wanted before my flight home, I opted for the first thing that caught my eye which was the meat lover’s omelette. I usually will get something like a Denver/ Western omelette because I do like my vegetables. Although I enjoyed my omelette, I couldn’t help but think I really wanted the snap of bell pepper or the mellowness of some good mushrooms.

all the goodies

all the goodies

But if you want that bacon, ham, sausage and cheese, this is the omelette for you!

The Nova Cafe

312 E Main St., Bozeman, MT 59715  —  (406) 587-3973

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