Lunch at Pizzeria Mozza



New Year’s Eve- where should we go to carbo load? As a good “food baller,” I knew it was important to eat well if I planned to indulge a bit for New Year’s Eve. A group of us decided on Pizzeria Mozza. I have not been in a number of years and but was happy to see the food was still high-quality.

We ordered a series of appetizers and pizzas to share. Since there were six of us, we double-up or tripled-up on some apps including the prawns with beans. The flavorful prawns were large and I really enjoyed the beans with the dish.

cauliflower fritti

cauliflower fritti


My favorite appetizer turned out to be the cauliflower fritti. The fried cauliflower had a great batter and I didn’t really need the sauce.

fried stuffed squash blossoms

fried stuffed squash blossoms


The fried squash blossoms were also good though a bit heavier since they were stuffed with cheese.




My pizza instincts are divided towards mushroom or sausage. Lately mushroom has been winning out. Pizzeria Mozza does a great pie with a generous amount of “meaty” mushrooms.

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts


We also got a side of Brussels sprouts to go with our lunch pizzas.


guanciale and egg


A friend had the guanciale with egg. The beautiful egg really set off the pizza.

goatcheese and leek

goat cheese, bacon and leek


I was very happy with the goat cheese, bacon and leek. Enough that I didn’t miss the meatball pizza (not shown) I was eying across the table.

gelato - olive oil, mint chip, espreso

gelati – olive oil, mint chip, espresso


We couldn’t leave without a gelati tasting. I remembered how subtle the olive oil is and thought it was a nice flavor, especially paired with a nice minty mint chip and perky espresso. I was very impressed with the huge waffle chip sitting on top of the gelati. It was bigger than the bowl!


salted caramel budino


But my favorite dessert at Mozza will always be the salted caramel budino. It’s just so smooth, rich and creamy. With just the right amount of salt. The salt didn’t overwhelm the delicate pudding but enhanced the caramel, just like it should.

And with that meal, we were quite ready to face the early New Year’s eve revelers.

Pizzeria Mozza

641 N Highland Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036  —  (323) 297-0101

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