DTLA: Seafood Pasta at Terroni





I finally made it back to Terroni for lunch recently. I felt like noodles one day but not my usual slurpy, soupy noodles. So I headed over to Terroni. Naturally, I couldn’t eat just pasta– I need my veggies too so I asked for a side salad. Terroni does a salad called insalate verdure that is a simple  mix of fresh greens, grape tomatoes and olives. It’s lightly dressed and was just perfect. I also really loved how much there was. The tomatoes were very sweet and the olives were small and tasty. I just love fresh produce in the summer.

seafood pasta

tagliolini in canna a mare


I opted for the tagliolini mare which had a beautiful prawn on top of a generous portion of pasta. Lots of scallops, calamari, clams, mussels and those lovely tomatoes. The only bummer was I got a bit of sand in some of the clams. I’d like to pretend it added texture.

Although Terroni is close to me, I might have to jog back over to my fave Drago Centro soon.




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