San Jose: Dim Sum at Golden Palace

Golden Palace

Golden Palace


While researching the best dim sum spots in the Bay Area, my cousin who lives in San Jose recommended Golden Palace. We traveled to San Jose to sample this fairly traditional Cantonese dim sum. I ordered all my favorites (all the dumplings, please) and we also got a lobster.

My cousin and I reminisced about how our families tended to order everything and lots of it. Whenever I hear someone saying dim sum is so cheap, they have obviously never gone with me. I love having leftovers.

Highlights: Chinese broccoli, siu mai, chicken feet and egg tarts. I always get a kick out of seeing the bamboo steamers. In Los Angeles, these containers have been banned as they’re not deemed sanitary. Bamboo does look so much more “authentic,” doesn’t it?


lobster noodles


As for our lobster with noodles, I have had better versions in LA. It’s not bad for the Bay Area. The lobster itself seemed to be coated with a tad too much cornstarch and the noodles were somewhat limp. The great dim sum hunt continues.

If you want a big, busy Chinese restaurant, go to Golden Palace. But if you want a quick and simple meal, check out Ocean Delight. Or if you’re in Oakland, I liked Peony.

Golden Palace

1146 DeAnza Blvd., San Jose, CA 95129  — (408) 257-8877
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