DTLA: Classic Seafood and Gin Martinis at Water Grill

seafood tower

seafood tower


Recently I checked out Water Grill. I hadn’t been in many years and was delighted to see the renovated room.

Water Grill is one of Los Angeles’ best seafood restaurants and I’m glad to see they haven’t lost their game on presenting a spectacular seafood tower. Not only was there lobster, scallops, oysters, clams, shrimp but there was also sea urchin. That little dish alone drew oohs. Everything was super fresh and it was a fun stop on our way to dinner.


Martin Miller gin martini

Martin Miller’s gin martini


To go with all that wonderful seafood, we picked out a couple of clean tasting cocktails; the classic martini with Martin Miller’s gin and the refreshing Gin Gin Mule. I’ve found Martin Miller’s gin to have a fresh, almost cucumber note so it’s great with seafood.

The Martini was perfectly cold and just great with the lobster and shrimp.

Gin Gin Mule with Martin Miller's gin

Gin Gin Mule with Martin Miller’s gin


The Gin Gin Mule with Martin Miller’s gin was better with the shellfish like clams and oysters where the ginger complemented the briny bits.


Martin Miller’s Gin

Water Grill

544 S Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90071  —  (213) 891-0900
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