DTLA: Get Ready for the Espolon Cocktail Fights on Monday, April 6 between Los Angeles and San Diego Bartenders

Fight fight fight!

Fight fight fight! Dan from A-Frame  vs Chris from Harlowe.


The Espolon Cocktail Fights are back! Last year LA bartenders battled it out at Villains Tavern and this year, LA will also host San Diego bartenders at the Lash on Monday, April 6. It’s LA vs SD with a few Orange County bartenders as well.

Check out one of my videos from last year.

The Hamburgerler

Nick from Soigne Group aka The Hamburglar


The competition was one of the more fun competitions I’ve seen. Plenty of bartenders came in costume or had a theme to their fight.

wait, doesn't the Hamburglar steal burgers?

wait, doesn’t the Hamburglar steal burgers?


I thought it was pretty amazing the Hamburglar showed up and handed out Mickey D’s to the judges.

use your cockcash for swag

use your cockcash for swag


It’s a bracket style competition. And those watching get in on the fun by “betting” their cock dollars (fake money) on their favorite bartenders each round. You can use your cockcash later to buy swag. I bought a couple of shakers that night. Also available were t-shirts, belt bucklets, posters and more.

It got weird

It got weird


As you can imagine with everyone showing off their creativity and personality, it got a little weird. Don’t worry, Liz didn’t actually take off her clothes…

Okay, just a little weird

Okay, just a little weird


But maybe someone else did. Cory had a Brokeback Mountain theme…

Everyone loves Espolon

Everyone loves Espolon


By the end of the night, everyone loved Espolon tequila.

MC with winner Mary Bartlett from Honeycut

MC Brian with winner Mary from Honeycut


Last year’s final two came down to Liz and Mary. Mary as Professor Snape took home the win.

Espolon Cocktail Fight, Monday, April 6 at the Lash

Espolon Cocktail Fight, Monday, April 6 at the Lash


We’ll see how LA does this year against San Diego. It’s going to be weird, very weird.


Espolon Cocktail Fight

  • Los Angeles versus San Diego
  • Monday, April 6
  • 9 PM – doors open at 8 PM

The Lash

117 Winston St., Los Angeles, CA 90013

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