DTLA: Throwback Thursday – DineLA at Redbird

chicken pot pie

chicken pot pie


Since Redbird opened, I’ve been meaning to check it out for lunch. DineLA was the perfect opportunity. The $25 lunch included an appetizer and entree. Desserts were supplemental.

I opted for the chicken pot pie since I love pot pies. Redbird’s included not only chicken thigh meat but chicken hearts. It offered pieces with good chew in a savory, comforting gravy. Plus I loved the hen of the woods mushrooms in the pot pie.


vegetable salad


A friend opted for their vegetable salad sprouted lentils. It looked great but it doesn’t beat the pot pie. Other choices included shishito peppers or sweet corn soup.




Entree choices included Wyoming trout, gnochetti sardi or spit roasted Mary’s chicken. However they ran out of the trout and offered salmon instead. My friend enjoyed the dish and would consider returning again for it.

gnnochetti with rock shrimp

gnochetti sardi


The gnochetti sardi featured rock shrimp and a tomato confit. It looked like a great summer time pasta.

roasted chicken

spit roasted chicken


I love Mary’s farm chicken. It’s always tender so I didn’t worry about getting it spit roasted. Sometimes I find chicken to be dry that way but Redbird did a great job. It was so juicy and a really great portion for lunch.

There was an option to get steak as a supplemental charge but I was well satisfied with my chicken-tastic meal of pot pie and roasted chicken. If we had more time, we might have considered the dessert.

As it turns out, Redbird decided to run this special again that includes dessert this week… what are you doing for lunch tomorrow?



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