Melrose: Goat Barbacoa at Antequera de Oaxaca

goat barbacoa

goat barbacoa


I must have been driven by Antequera de Oaxaca a bunch of times over the years but never really noticed it until it recently renovated and added an eye-catching painted green stripe around its window. It looked very modern and so I decided to walk over to check it out.

It’s very much a mom and pop operation so don’t go in expecting prompt service. Instead, pull up a chair and hang out for a while nibbling on their chips and salsa until your food arrives.

It’s always hard for me the first time I go to a restaurant. I never know if I should order the specialty or something that appeals to me at that moment. Sometimes I compromise and order both. Oh, that’s not a compromise? Well, it’s a system that works for me. This is how I ended up getting the barbacoa with goat AND a tamal with mole. Seeing that this an Oaxacan restaurant, I was really tempted to get a whole dish of mole chicken (choice of black or red mole sauces) but I didn’t want to commit to a full portion.




My friend ordered the entomatadas after deciding between that and the chilaquiles. I’m glad he went with the entomatadas. The fried tortillas were still a bit crispy even drenched in salsa verde. It’s a great vegetarian dish with cheese and a fried egg.

mole chicken tamal

chicken tamal


As mentioned, I got the chicken mole tamal as an appetizer. It came with tender chicken and a rather innocuous mole. Although I don’t want mole to taste like Hershey’s chocolate, I do want a bit of that warm spice. I didn’t get that from the tamal.

inside the tamal

inside the tamal


I found it interesting the tamal was extremely generous with the masa which spilled into the folded parts. It’s totally a doable appetizer or a light meal. And the best part is it’s very cheap– $4.

For my main meal, I opted for the barbacoa which was made with goat. Some of the bones are served so if you don’t want any of that, try the carne plate instead. I liked the sauce and the goat was tender. But the best part were the beans.

I’m looking forward to another visit to try the red mole.


Antequera de Oaxaca

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