SGV: Wife’s Special Noodles at Lao Xi

appetizer combo

appetizer combo – pig ear, cucumber, wood ear mushrooms


I swung by Lao Xi Noodle House last week to check out the only Shanxi noodle house (so far) in the San Gabriel Valley. Located on a quite stretch of Live Oak in Arcadia, the small restaurant is run by a husband and wife team.

We started out with an appetizer combo. You get to pick your favorites which meant pig ear, cucumber and wood ear for me. You could go with all meat or all veg but I like a mix of both. The pig ear was the best. Nicely chewy strips that were well marinated.

cold noodles with sesame sauce

cold noodles with sesame sauce


One of my favorite appetizers are cold jelly noodles and Lao Xi has some toss with sesame sauce. These aren’t Sichuan style where I’m used to the noodles made with yam starch which creates a delightfully slippery noodle. Instead, these are made with potato starch giving it a heavier mouth feel. There’s a bit of Chinese mustard in this dish and if you end up taking some home, do not heat this up. It can create that mustard tear gas effect.

Wife's special noodles with fried pork (He Lao style)

Wife’s special noodles with fried pork (He Lao style)


Lao Xi is best known for their Wife’s special noodles. The wife of the husband and wife team made them for her then platonic friend and he fell in love immediately with the dish… and her. Everyone who’s seen this thinks of it as Chinese spaghetti. The noodles are called He Lao style and comes with fried pork as well as egg and tomato and a serving of bean sauce. It’s like three noodle toppings in one dish. For maximum flavor, mix it all together.


whole lamb noodle soup

whole lamb noodle soup


I also wanted to try a soup noodles because that’s my favorite way to noodle. We opted for the whole lamb soup noodles. It comes with slices of offal as well as meat. This may be the first time I tried lamb tripe! The soup is very mild and warming. After I spiked it with a little chili oil, I considered going full on Shanxi style and adding vinegar. Maybe in a separate condiment dish to dip the various cuts of meat.


house special fried noodles with fried pork (Dao Xiao style)

house special fried noodles with fried pork (Dao Xiao style)


The three of us were almost done when we realized we had to get the house special fried noodle with fried boiled pork (Dao Xiao style). These were knife-cut noodles and had awesome chew. They turned out to be the favorite of the night.

When I go back next time, I’ll have to try the spicy meatballs. I was also eying the frozen bags of dumplings to go. But I’d try them at Lao Xi first.

Lao Xi Noodle House

600 Live Oak Ave., Arcadia, CA 91006  —  (626) 348-2290

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