DTLA: All the New Drinks at Faith & Flower


Faith and Flower Lead Bartender Darwin Pornel


Faith and Flower has launched a new drinks list that combines old favorites as well as a slew of new libations to enjoy. Lead Bartender Darwin Pornel collaborated with Ryan Wainwright, Bombet Hospitality Group’s Director of Bar Programs on this new menu.


Parade Route and Shiso Easy

Parade Route and Shiso Easy


Starting with the bubbly Parade Route, the sparkling rosé and rye drink reminded me of a Seelbach (bourbon, triple sec, sparkling wine). Both are perfect drinks for our upcoming warm season. And taking it further to patio drinks is the Shiso Easy with tequila, vermouth and the unusual shiso leaf. This combination works very well with the menu and would be an ideal pairing for those lovely Jidori Deviled Eggs from Faith and Flower.

Parade Route – sparkling rosé, Rittenhouse Rye, lemon, Peychaud’s bitters

Shiso Easy – blanco tequila, Contratto Bianco vermouth, shiso, cucumber, lime


Tradewinds Collins

Tradewinds Collins

I’ve had a love affair with bitter flavors lately and one of the amari that I’ve come to love is Montenegro. It’s popping up in all sorts of drinks lately and it combines well with pisco and fortified wine (the china china). Add in some citrus and a touch of sweetness, you’re ready for summer.

Tradewinds Collins – pisco, Montenegro, China-China, vanilla, lemon


9th Street

9th Street Fix


I predict the 9th Street Fix will be Faith and Flower’s best seller on this new menu. Not only is it very pretty with the pebble ice but it’s very drinkable. And I love that it’s not sweet!

9th Street Fix – vodka, Mandarine Napoleon, raspberry cordial, lemon


St. Tropez Daisy

St. Tropez Daisy


The only thing missing from the St. Tropez Daisy is an all-access pass to the pool. Any pool. Give this herbaceous r(h)um drink a spin as you dream of a two-week vacation somewhere tropical.

St. Tropez Daisy – rhum agricole, Ferrand Dry Curacao, honey, lime, orange bitters


Mass Effect

Mass Effect

It turned out my favorite drink was the mezcal one. Mass Effect was delicious with notes of mint, pineapple and lime. It’s perked up with habanero pepper. What I like about the drinks at Faith and Flower are the booze combinations. We saw it earlier with the pisco and amaro and now we have mezcal and pastis.

Mass Effect – mezcal, Ricard Pastis, habanero, mint, pineapple, lime, agave

Port's Dream and Character Development

Port’s Dream and Character Development


For those who thrive on classic cocktails but are tired of the standard martini and manhattan. Try the Port’s Dream if you’re into gin. The Benedictine and vermouth combined to make this a perfect martini. And I enjoyed the Character Development with bourbon and a couple different amari as well as a lovely new vermouth to the American market.

Port’s Dream – Bombay London Dry, Benedictine, dry vermouth, orange bitters

Character Development – Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Amaro Varnelli Dell’erborista, Amaro Di Angostura, Contratto Americano Rosso vermouth


Ryan Wainwright

Ryan Wainwright, Director of Bar Programs, Bombet Hospitality Group


June gloom? Nah, not when you have sunny perfect drinks to imbibe. Time to head downtown! It must be 5 o’clock somewhere in the world, right?


Faith & Flower

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