Culver City: Vietnamese Food at Phorage

chicken banh mi

chicken banh mi


I recently checked out Phorage over in Palms. Yes, I know I titled this post Culver City but it’s actually in Palms/ Mar Vista/ Culver City where no one knows exactly which is which.

I had always meant to try it out as I’ve had food from Phorage through the years at various food festivals.


The three of us ordered the chicken banh mi, beef pho (not shown), shaking beef and Imperial rolls. It was just enough food. I didn’t try the beef pho so I will have to return for that.

I liked the chicken banh mi quite a bit which is surprising to me since I rarely order chicken out (except fried chicken because well, it’s fried, duh).

imperial rolls

imperial rolls


I liked the little Imperial rolls but did wish for either more rolls or bigger, longer rolls (sometimes ladies demur and say it’s not about that but you know it’s true). But great flavor.


shaking beef


Since we shared everything, I was glad to get a taste of the shaking beef. I hadn’t had proper shaking beef in a while and I enjoyed this dish. The chunks of beef were well-flavored. The beef was quite tender.

If you should ever find yourself in this part of town (is it really Palms? Can we get a map drawn?), check out Phorage for a relatively healthy meal.



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