Dallas: BBQ at Pecan Lodge and Lockhart Smokehouse



Pecan Lodge

pulled pork, brisket, pork rib, mac and cheese plus peach cobbler at Pecan Lodge


I had one mission while I was in Dallas. Eat barbecue.

Whenever anyone asked me what I was doing in Dallas, I would just say I was going to eat ‘cue and lots of it. When I was doing my research, Pecan Lodge in Deep Ellum came up over and over again. The others were considered but I didn’t make a serious effort to try to eat at 14 places in 3 days. I knew though I was most definitely eating at one- Pecan Lodge.

We got to Pecan Lodge 10 minutes before they opened and the line was already halfway around the block. The line did move fairly quickly and for a brief moment, we entertained trying to eat at the bar but we decided to hunker down and wait it out in line.

I wanted everything but my friend cautioned me about the portions. We decided to get the 3-meat combo with one side then add an extra meat and two extra sides. We got the pulled pork, brisket, one pork rib and one sausage. For our sides, we got the fried okra, collard greens and mac and cheese (which was spicy).


sausage, hush puppies and collard greens at Pecan Lodge

sausage, fried okra and collard greens at Pecan Lodge


I really enjoyed everything but that brisket really stood out. It was the best brisket with silky, rendered fat. I normally don’t eat fat but I didn’t want this to end. All too soon, our bits here and there disappeared.

I liked all the sides but was particularly fond of the fried okra and greens. The sausage was firm and juicy and I wished for more ribs. Or was it pulled pork? Nah, it was all of it! Why did I listen to my friend? I could have gotten my own combo plate. Or at least a chopped brisket sandwich to take away to snack on later.

Pecan Lodge menu

Pecan Lodge menu


That hour wait was totally worth it.


Pecan Lodge

2702 Main St.,  Dallas, TX 75226  — (214) 748-8900


smoked wings

wings at Lockhart Smokehouse


We were walking around the Bishop Arts District with the vague notion we’d go into Lockhart Smokehouse eventually. After a trudge through the muggy streats, we did jump in the shortish line (it was only halfway to the door from the counter, about a 30 minute wait). And it was a good thing we did because they closed the doors shortly after we ordered. They were running out.

We thought about getting sausage or something else in addition to our brisket but I spied chicken wings. It really makes no sense how much I love chicken wings but we got ’em. My friend thought they were too fatty. The skin was rather thick but I didn’t mind the wings.

brisket at Lockhart Smokehouse

brisket at Lockhart Smokehouse


While the brisket was pretty good, it wasn’t like Pecan Lodge’s magnificent brisket. Still, I wouldn’t kick this version out of bed.

deviled eggs

deviled eggs


My friend wanted to try their deviled eggs but they were cold from the fridge. They tasted okay but I did think the egg whites part were slightly rubbery.

green beans

green beans


The green beans were much better. They were served hot and you didn’t have to look too hard to find bits of meat.

I honestly think if I lived in Dallas or somewhere else in the South, I would eat ‘cue every day. All right, maybe not but I do love it so and it was fun trying a couple of different spots.


Lockhart Smokehouse

400 W Davis St., Dallas, TX 75208  —  (214) 944-5521


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