Dallas: Lunch at CBD Provisions

burger and fries

burger and fries

On our last day in Dallas, we had lunch at CBD Provisions at the Joule Hotel. The couple we had met at the Midnight Rambler, the bar downstairs at the Joule Hotel, couldn’t stop raving about it so we had high expectations.

The lunch menu didn’t seem to be as creative. Although we had heard about the magnificent fish and the pig’s head, the menu was more sturdy for the Downtown business crowd.

My friend opted for the grassfed beef burger and fries while I had the Cuban sandwich with salad. The burger looked really good with heirloom tomatoes and lots of melted cheese. I thought the fries were very tasty.




I enjoy a good Cubano every now and then and this one had wonderful pork.  Be careful with the sandwich though, it gets spicy with sliced jalepeno that I initially mistook for pickles. I also thought the salad was very fresh and I really liked the dressing.

I have a friend going to CBD over Labor Day weekend and I’ll just have to live vicariously through her dinner for the more inventive menu.


CBD Provisions at the Joule Hotel

1530 Main St., Dallas, TX 75201 

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