Fairfax District: Dinner at Little Ethiopia Restaurant

combo 3 at Little Ethiopia Restaurant

combo 3 at Little Ethiopia Restaurant


In my ongoing quest to find a new favorite Ethiopian restaurant, I’ve been visiting the restaurants on Fairfax in Little Ethiopia lately. We were on our way to check out Merkato which I hadn’t been to in years when we saw a new vintage shop. We stopped in for a bit to look at the cute shoes and jewelry from the 40s but hunger called and so we ended up at Little Ethiopia restaurant which was right next door. I hadn’t been to Little Ethiopia restaurant before. It’s smaller than the others on the block but the service was very friendly.

There were a couple vegetarian combos as well as a couple with meat and vegetarian items. We opted for one that had both. The portions were on the smaller side and it was the first time I actually ate the injera under all the wonderful lentils, collard greens, beef, etc. Usually I eat that the next day with the leftovers. With no leftovers, we thought about ordering another dish but between the beer and the injera that suddenly expanded in our stomachs, we knew this was actually the perfect portion for two.

Combo three has: misir wot (spicy red lentils), gomen (collard greens), dinach wot (split peas), keke aletcha (cabbage), tikile gomen (green beans) with tibs (beef) and awaze tibs (beef).

I’ll be back but after I take a spin through the others on the street.


Little Ethiopia Restaurant

1048 S Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90019  —  (323) 746-9507

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