Chinatown: Checking Out the Wings at Hotville Chicken

lunch special – wings and fries


Yes, yes, we all know about Howlin’ Ray’s now… I made it my goal at the end of last year to eat some delicious spicy chicken this year. And I did (ohmygod I waited an hour in that line!). And it was great (yes, worth waiting in that line!!). But now I want to try more. Hot chicken originated from Nashville.  I haven’t been to Nashville yet but I do know the Prince family is best known for it. And a family member opened up this LA location. So they are hot chicken royalty (ahahah, yes, a pun on the name Prince).

So when I heard about Hotville starting to do lunch, how could I not go check it out? While I love wings, I was a little disappointed we couldn’t try other pieces. Guess that means I have to come back for dinner.

I love that they have a kale slaw but to be honest I LOVED the fries! And the mac and cheese is pretty good. Very homey.

But now… let’s hear about the chicken. The skin was battered just right with a nice crunch. You don’t get greasy fingers at all. I had a great time eating the wings. I’ll have to come back for thighs and legs though I did hear the counter lady talking about looking for a new location. Well, I hope they stay in Chinatown. We need more good spots in Chinatown.

By the way, there was no line at Hotville when I went and that was possibly the best part.


Hotville Chicken and Chops

643 N Spring St., Los Angeles, CA 90012  —  (323) 335-0373

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