Mid-City: New Winter Drinks at Roger Room

Japanese Maple


I sought refuge at Roger Room a few weeks ago and discovered they had a new drinks menu for the winter. But I couldn’t resist my fave Japanese Maple shown here with a cute Hello Kitty stencil.


The Slabber

Slabber is another term for bullshitter so I imagine this is a good drink for someone who tells stories (me). Heh. It’s a nice whiskey sour variation with Irish whiskey and sweetened up a bit with a Pavan (a grape liqueur) and current puree.

The Slabber – Slane Irish Whiskey, house-made currant puree, lemon, Pavan liqueur, egg white

Fantastic Forage


When we first got to Roger Room, it was completely packed so don’t mind the mini photo shoot by the door (and my hand holding the drink). I had scanned the list quickly and decided on the Fantastic Forage since the gin and a “spoonful” of mezcal mix sounded interesting.

Fantastic Forage – Sipsmith gin, Maurin Quina, dark chocolate balsamic, mezcal, mint


Boxed Superfecta


Have you ever heard of a trifecta? Well, how about a boxed superfecta? That’s a racing term to for the winners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. And so this drink has brandy, a mandarin orange liqueur as well as an apertivo (Peychaud’s orange amaro liqueur) plus red vermouth. It’s perfect for those who like stirred drinks.

Boxed Superfecta– Remy 1738 cognac, Alessio Rosso, Mandarin Napoleon, Peychaud’s Aperitivo, Aztec chocolate bitters, orange peel

The Guy Behind the Guy


I loved the name “The Guy Behind the Guy” as Swingers is one of my favorite movies. This mezcal drink has a bit of a kick to it from the spiced firewater tincture. I suspect the aperitivo that isn’t named in the ingredients is the newish Galliano L’apertivo Italian Bitter which is their answer to Campari. Its bitterness is between Campari and Aperol. And in this drink, it gives it a lot of depth.

The Guy Behind the Guy – El Silencio mezcal, Amaro aperitivo, lemon juice, cranberry juice, spiced simple syrup, Scrappy’s firewater tincture, orange peel


The Macrides


The Macrides is named for a long time Roger Room regular. It’s a nice blend of Scotch whisky and Pimm’s. The tartness of the two citrus juices; lemon and orange, is balanced out by the sweet Yellow Chartreuse.

The Macrides – Johnnie Walker black, Yellow Chartreuse, Pimm’s No 1, lemon juice, orange juice


Roger Room

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