Beverly Hills: Lunch at Jean-Georges with Gerard Bertrand Wines

Gerard Bertrand white wines


Recently I attended a wine masterclass and luncheon for Gerard Bertrand Wines at Jean-Georges in Beverly Hills. The restaurant is at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel which opened last year.

Gerard Bertrand red wines

We started our masterclass with three whites and also tried 9 reds.

The Whites:

  • Chateau de Villemajou Grand Vin – AOP Corbieres 2016
  • Chateau La Sauvageonne Grand Vin – AOP Coteaux du Languedoc 2016 – I liked this one
  • Aigle Royal – AOP Limoux 2016 – I really enjoyed this one and said it was getting better and better as we tried the three whites

The Reds:

  • Aigle Royal Pinot Noir – IGP Haute Valle de l’Aude 2015
  • Chateau de La Soujeole Grand Vin 0 AOP Malepere 2015
  • Cigalus – IGP Aude Hauterive 2015 – I enjoyed this one
  • Chateau La Sauvageonne Grand Vin – AOP Coteaux du Languedoc Terrasses du Larzac 2015
  • Chateau L’Hospitalet Grand Vin – AOP La Clape 2015
  • Chateau de Villemajou Grand Vin – AOP Corbieres Boutenac 2015 – I liked this one
  • La Forge – AOP Corbieres Boutenac 2015
  • Le Viala – AOP Minervois La Liviniere 2015 – this one was wonderful
  • L’Hospitalitas – AOP La Clape 2015

It was fascinating to hear Gerard Bertrand speak and talk about all the different wineries he owns. What is so interesting is he practices biodynamic wine making. He has written a memoir called, “Wine, Moon and Stars” which details the practice as well his life story.

It was really interesting to look on the map and hear about the various grapes in the varietals. I learned about a grape varietal I hadn’t heard about before; mourvedre. I later learned that some regions require specific grapes of the wine makers and so they sometimes blend very little of those grapes into their wines. That’s why you might never see a 100% mourvedre wine.

Gerard Bertrand wine luncheon


For the luncheon, we had a cool vertical tastings of Cigalus and Clos d’Ora.

  • La Villa Chateau La Sauvageonne – AOP Languedoc 2016
  • Cigalus – IGP Aude Hauterive 2009
  • Cigalus – IGP Aude Haterive 2012
  • Cigalus – IGP Aude Hauterive 2016
  • Clos d’Ora – AOP Minervois- La Liviniere 2012
  • Clos d’Ora – AOP Minervois – La Liviniere 2013 – this one of my favorite of the Clos d’Oras 
  • Clos d’Ora – AOP Minervois – La Liviniere 2014
  • Clos d’Ora – AOP Minervois – La Liviniere 2015

tuna spring roll, soy bean puree


For our starter, we had the tuna spring roll with soy bean puree. This is a classic Jean-Georges dish. We also had a choice of cremant before the luncheon (not shown). I opted for the Code Rouge – AOP Cremant de Limoux. It’s a tribute to the monks of the Saint Hilaire Abbey near Limoux who made the world’s first sparkling wine.

kampachi carpaccio


I felt the kampachi carpaccio with green chile-lime juice was a little bit too tart. It was very prettily garnished with puffed rice and cilantro. Luckily the wine helped mellow out the citrus.


grilled beef tenderloin


The grilled beef tenderloin however was perfect with the cherry mustard and crunchy potatoes. The light bodied reds were really great for both the hour (lunch time) and the beef.


warm chocolate cake


And for dessert we had the warm chocolate cake which was a sweet end to our spectacular Gerard Bertrand wine master class and tasting.

Now I want to learn more about biodynamic wines.

Gerard Bertrand Wines

Jean-Georges at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel

9850 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90210  —  (310) 860-6566

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