Little Tokyo: Lunch at Teishokuya of Tokyo aka T.O.T.

art at T.O.T.


I’ve been coming to Teishokuya of Tokyo (T.O.T.) forever. This traditional Japanese restaurant was known for what I called comfort food, very traditional home-style Japanese. There was never any sushi or ramen though both have appeared on the menu in recent years. Though I like both, I don’t think that’s their strong point.

I did approve of the fancier katsu though. I recently tried a katsu curry and it was really good. Perhaps a bit too much curry so you might be forced to get more rice but at least it’s that good and you don’t want to waste food!

tonkatsu curry gozen


As mentioned I had the katsu. Since it’s pork, it’s known as tonkatsu. It’s gozen style so you get a little bit of everything including miso soup, veggies, tempura and a little cube of tofu.

The katsu is fried very well so not greasy at all.

katsu don and soba


A few weeks later, I decided to try katsu but now as a rice dish known as “don.” This katsu was covered with egg and sweet onions. I got this with soba but I realized later it was too much food (or too many carbs). Still, it’s nice to get soba every now and then. I like the buckwheat noodles and it’s a little different from ramen or udon, both of which I eat more of in general.

I preferred the katsu as a curry.

And now I’m craving tonkatsu.


Teishokuya of Tokoyo  (T.O.T.)

345 E 2nd St., Los Angeles, CA 90012  —  (213) 680-0344
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