Little Tokyo: Japanese Fried Chicken at Karayama


Fast casual chain Karayama from Japan has opened its first US store in Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles. It took over the short-lived Oystars space and is next to the ever popular Shin-Sen-Gumi.


Karayama set – chicken plate


Karaage is Japanese fried chicken. It’s one of my favorite types of fried chicken as it is usually so juicy and meaty. And Karayama is particularly exciting to a fried chicken enthusiast. Here I could indulge in eating karaage in many different ways- I could have it on a plate with rice, I could have it in a sandwich, I could have it as a rice bowl!


Goku dare / spicy fried chicken sandwich


I found it interesting you could also have it as a sandwich. There are two versions; regular and spicy. Considering LA’s love of spicy chicken sandwiches, this one from Karayama is a good contender in the spice department.

shrimp curry


I know Karayama is a chicken restaurant but we had to try the shrimp curry as well. You get three lightly fried shrimp with a nice mix of veggies (carrots, potatoes, broccoli, eggplant) with rice and curry.

Kara-tama don / chicken rice bowl


My favorite dish besides the plain fried chicken was the rice bowl. I loved the sweet onion sauce for the kara-tama don.

I’m adding Karayama to my downtown lunch rotation!



136 S Central Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90012

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