Mid-City: Pizza and Cocktails at Ronan

Tiki, Do You Love Me

I went to Ronan last week with a friend. I wanted to check out the drinks plus I’m always down for pizza.

Nick Meyer created the drinks list. After tasting his Filipineau drink at Tesse and now his Tiki, Do You Love Me at Ronan, I think he should do a full tiki list somewhere. I like his modern spin tiki drinks with lighter aperitifs such as sherry.

Tiki, Do You Love Me – Japanese whisky, sherry, yuzu, coconut, pineapple




We weren’t too hungry so we shared the meatballs and one pizza. While my friend wasn’t too into the Greek-ish salad that came with the meatballs, I thought it was different from the usual red sauce that goes with meatballs. The meatballs were all meat yet still fluffy and light. They aren’t sinkers if we were to go with matzo ball terms (heh).


Rickey Melange


A great drink to go with the food is the Rickey Melange. I love grapefruit and combined with fennel, this is a foodie’s cocktail.

Rickey Melange – Ford’s gin, grapefruit three ways, fennel three ways, seltzer




I generally like two kinds of pizzas; either mushroom or sausage. Luckily there’s a sausage pizza on the menu called Michelangelo that features sausage. My friend and I were in agreement to get this one. The pizza also has mustard seed and greens. While I loved the seeds on the pizza, I wasn’t into the bitterness of the mustard greens. It was too distracting for me.

Amari Stoudemire


I felt the Amari Stoudemire was meant for me. It features three of my favorite amari including Campari, Cynar and Braulio. Bitter + bitter + bitters. Yay!

Amari Stoudemire – Campari, Cynar, Braulio, gin, Cocchi Americano, orange bitters blend


Angel’s Milk


We drank our dessert in the form of Angel’s Milk. The creamy drink was a perfect end to our meal. Who needs cake when you can drink your calories?


Angel’s Milk – Frangelico, unfiltered sake, creamy almond, cinnamon


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