DTLA: Steak and Lobster Bisque at The Palm

the beginning of a good meal


The Palm is one of those Los Angeles institutions everyone should experience at least once.

And really, the perfect meal there is lobster bisque, steak, great sides and dessert. That’s all you really need. I have gone and had a steak salad – a good choice for lunch. But if you’re splurging for dinner, the Palm is definitely a great steakhouse.


petite filet mignon


I opted for the petite file mignon. It had perfect char and it was cooked to medium rare just how I like it. This is really a good size for a late lunch.

I was in love with the potatoes and surprised how spicy the green beans were. But that’s great, it’s like an updated taste for a more modern palate.




For dessert, I chose cheesecake. I like a good cheesecake and usually forgo anything with too much sauce. I want that pure cream cheese flavor. The Palm has a good one that wasn’t too dry. Later I saw the chocolate cake and almost wished I had gotten that. But I felt the cheesecake was lighter. Perhaps it wasn’t if I ate the whole thing (I didn’t) but it did end a solid, special occasion meal.


The Palm

1100 S Flower St., Los Angeles, CA 90015  —  (213) 763-4600

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