DTLA: Lunch at Shekarchi’s New Location

stuffed grape leaves


One of my go-to staples for lunch in Downtown Los Angeles are all the Persian kabob shops around town. One of my favorites is Shekarchi. They recently moved to a new location and I went to check it out.

We got the stuffed grape leaves as an appetizer. I’m a huge dolmas fan so I’ll eat just about every version. I particularly love finding various canned ones. But fresh is best!  I liked the dried cranberries garnish.

chicken and beef kabobs


At Shekarchi, I usually get the chicken and beef kabobs combo. I tend to like the chicken better though I like the beef as well.

On this day, I found the chicken was a teensy bit dry and the beef was somewhat rubbery. However, I like the new addition of the garlic paste which took care of the chicken. I’d still go back though as the kitchen is relatively new and maybe they’re getting into their groove.

What I loved was the giant new space and now they have wine. Plus I want to investigate the cafe/bakery side for easy take-out.


Shekarchi Restaurant

(new location)

920 S Olive, Los Angeles, CA 90015  —  (213) 892-8535

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