Beverly Hills: Caviar, Vodka and Dessert- Oh My! The Deluxe Experience at The Bazaar at the SLS Hotel

Caviar tasting at the Bazaar / SLS Hotel


The Bazaar at the SLS Beverly Hills has done it again! I recently visited for the Caviar Nights at the Bazaar last week. From now until the end of March, the Bazaar is offering a vodka and caviar tasting for only $120. It’s a brilliant deal and I highly recommend it.

You get three sustainably produced caviars as well as three paired vodka drinks.

Belvedere dirty martini, cucumber vodka and shot


I don’t normally drink vodka but it really is the best spirit to go with the unctuous caviar. The dirty martini was my favorite and went so well with the caviar.

I’m still dreaming of the superb night.

Peruvian ceviche


We decided to also try a couple of new items including the Peruvian ceviche and everything bagel.


everything bagel

Ah yes, there was MORE caviar– and lox! Really loved the everything bagel. If you have ever had a cheesesteak from The Bazaar and recognize Chef Jose Andres’ signature dish, then you must try the bagel. It immediately becomes pure flavor and I could eat a dozen of them.

beautiful desserts


After our terrific caviar, we had dessert. In all my times at the Bazaar, I never thought about dessert. Now this was a deluxe experience! Yes, you can order off a menu but it’s more fun to take a walk around to see all the beautiful offerings.

the dessert experience


It was pretty hard to pick what to eat.

a selection of desserts


In the end, we got a couple of things including the pan con chocolate (chocolate flan) and the macaroche; a macaron of coffee, praline and hazelnuts.

It was a magical night and I’m already thinking about taking a girlfriend or two for the dessert experience if I don’t make it back for another round of caviar.

Reservations for the Caviar Tasting experience are recommended as there are only 10 servings a night. 

The Bazaar at the SLS Hotel

465 S La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048 — (310) 246-5567
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