Hollywood: Pork Belly Sandwich at Banh Oui

pork belly banh mi


I had a quick bite at Banh Oui a couple of weeks ago. We tried the pork belly sandwich with extra pate and a fried egg.

It’s a great sandwich. I love banh mi because the bread is generally light and crispy. You might be surprised to learn the star of a banh mi is really the bread. Banh Oui nails it and despite the meaty fillings, the bread didn’t get soggy. Of course we did scarf down the thing (yes, it’s good to share this with a friend). I also enjoyed the pickled veggies which were an equal mix of daikon and carrots. Some folks favor more carrots (nooooo!!!). The jalepenos were so thinly sliced, I didn’t bother picking mine out (have you ever seen an overheated Minty? — that’s what happens when you leave thick slices of chile peppers in).

Let’s talk about the pork belly which was tender and flavorful. And the egg was perfectly fried.

For a fast casual spot, this is a 5-stars sandwich spot.



Banh Oui

1552 N Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028  —  (323) 645-7944


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