Las Vegas: Dinner at Vetri Cucina

Drinks with a view


The Palms has recently renovated and added a slew of new restaurants including Vetri Cucina.



Vetri may be familiar to you if you’ve visited Philadelphia and visited Chef Marc Vetri’s restaurants. I love his food at the annual LA Loves Alex’s Lemonade event in Los Angeles.


foie gras


My friend and I went to town at Vetri. We first started with drinks at the bar and then moved to the main dining room. Of course we got foie gras. I eat it whenever I can since it’s banned again in California.

sweet onion crepe


One of our favorites was the sweet onion crepe. It was small but mighty. We really considered getting another one.


swiss chard gnocchi


Vetri is known for their Swiss chard gnocchi. There was a lot of moaning at our table. I’m glad they sat us near the window.


almond tortellini


The other favorite pasta is the almond tortellini. I stopped trying to figure out how much butter I was consuming. If you’re going to have a blow out meal, just go for it!

bone in rib eye


One of the specials that evening was the bone in rib eye. We were able to get a smaller version since it was just the two of us. Sadly it was too rare for us- we ordered it medium rare. And weirdly very salty. We felt really bad about not being able to finish it. If I was at home, I would have taken the leftovers.



The steak came with beans that were also too salty. My friend wondered if we should have just ordered more pasta. But at this point we were full.


mignardises – assorted truffles


The chocolates the kitchen sent out were so beautiful. We loved these so much.

We would totally go back to Vetri though and stick to appetizers and pasta. I am staying at the Palms the next time I go to Vegas so I look forward to getting more Swiss chard gnocchi and yes, foie gras.


Vetri Cucina at The Palms

4321 W Flamingo Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89103  —  (702) 944-5900


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