SGV: Takeout Available at Dim Sum King in El Monte

Dim Sum King


I’ve been holding restaurant and bar posts during the pandemic since I’m not sure when we’ll be able to dine in — I feel LA County will be one of the last to reopen. Until we can safely dine in again, I’ve done some takeout and delivery. One of the spots I’ve been getting my dim sum fix is at Dim Sum King. It’s probably just about a year old and I’ve gotten take out from them a bunch of times now.

It’s a small storefront and you order from a check off list. It’s literally a mom and pop operation and everyone is wearing masks. If there are too many people waiting inside, you can hang out in front until your order is ready.


crystal shrimp dumplings (har gow)


All the basics are great. I like the juicy siu mai and the wrappers on the crystal shrimp dumplings (har gow) are pleasantly chewy.


siu mai


In the future I’ll probably stick with these two dumplings, maybe also get the chiu chow fun gor (Chiu chow dumplings, not shown) since my mom likes them. The peanuts are very filling.

chicken feet


I really like Dim Sum King’s chicken feet. They’re nicely spicy and very tender.


tofu skin wrapped dumplings


I won’t be getting the shin jook gyueng (tofu skin wrapped dumplings). For some reason Dim Sum King has been adding huge pieces of taro and I’m not a big fan of that. I just want the meat!

However I love their radish cakes (also not shown). They’re perfectly done with bits of radish in the otherwise smooth cake.

chives dumplings


Unlike the fun gor, the chives dumplings have been odd to me. The last few times I’ve gotten them, they’ve become almost vegetarian with now shredded carrots that are hard and uncooked.

shrimp cheung fun


I do like the shrimp cheung fun but they could be a little bit better. Still for take out, I think they’re better than Ocean Bo up the street. And their porridge is great. They have a lunch special with the porridge if you order before 11:30 a.m.

I do like their sticky rice wraps but wish they used parchment paper as well as the lotus leaf. The stick rice tends to stick to the leaf and I lose like 5% of the food.

Overall, it’s restaurant quality and that’s why I keep returning. I’ll have to try their egg tarts soon.


Dim Sum King

11230 Garvey Ave., Ste D, El Monte, CA 91733  — (626) 522-0606


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