DTLA: Brera has Reopened for Outdoor Dining


Brera Ristorante has reopened for outdoor dining in Downtown Los Angeles. I checked it out on the first night it reopened last Friday.

Drinks at Brera

We picked a couple of drinks to enjoy while perusing the menu. I had the Modern Woman first which was just how I like my drinks- brown, bitter and stirred. Then I had the Gentleman’s Breakfast later on in the night. The bone marrow infused bourbon was right up my alley.

Modern Woman – Yola mezcal, St. Agrestis Inferno aperitivo, Cappelletti, vermouth blanc

Gentleman’s Breakfast– bone marrow-infused bourbon, Amaro Averna, walnut bitters, Angostura bitters

Vince pizza

It’s been so long since I had great pizza. Oh, how I love looking at the leopard spots on this beauty! But they do admonish you, don’t take too long to admire (take pictures) as the pizza is best consumed immediately! I chose the Vince as I love mortadella and pistachios. It’s the perfect combo.

tagliatelle with beef bolognese

I knew I also wanted pasta. Carb me up, baby! We chose the tagliatelle since I knew we were also getting the pork shank and I am an equal opportunity meat lover. The pasta was perfectly al dente with a rich sauce. We had enough for leftovers which was even better the next day.

pork shank

I probably would have been happy ordering another pasta or appetizer but it was fun ordering from every section of the menu and that meant getting a main. But not just any main! The pork shank was totally worth it. And I loved the pasta as well. The pea sprouts added a nice contrast to the savory shank. Bonus, my friend’s dog loved the giant bone!

basque cheesecake

We couldn’t leave until we tried something from every section, right? So yes, we got dessert! And tea (not shown). I zoomed in on the basque cheesecake because that is all the rage right now and Brera’s was great. Not too sweet and the perfect way to end the night.

Notes on outdoor dining:

I highly recommend making reservations. Our table which is part of the original patio faced the restaurant so it was lovely. But Brera has done a great job of extending their outdoor dining into the parking lot so the tables are well spaced apart.

There is no valet which is amazing because the private lot is free!

All staff wears masks and servers wear face shields in addition to masks.

Brera Ristorante

1331 E 6th St., Los Angeles, CA 90021  —  (213) 553-8006

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