Eda Vesterman- Hatchi in October

In October, I checked out the Hatchi event with Eda Vesterman. The menu sounded so great. I took the gay boyfriend as his birthday present.

menu with "plantable" wrapper

We arrived just before 6 p.m. for our reservations but they weren’t ready yet. The staff was still in a huddle and photographers were all over the place taking pics.

bread with elements

Eventually we were seated inside and given bread dusted with the four elements logo. The gay boyfriend thought the bread was too doughy but I liked it. I especially liked the “water” one with the poppyseeds. I also had the “fire” one with the chewy sundried tomato baked into it.

They offered two aperitifs; either a white or red sangria. I opted for white with the asian pear and mandarin orange. The gay boyfriend had the red with the strawberries and blueberries (though the menu said there was supposed to be blood orange). Mine was better and reflected the light crisp flavors of the fruit. His must have been recently made because the fruit wasn’t wine-y enough.

We told our server we wanted all the dishes and she asked us if we wanted them one at a time or two at a time. We opted for two since we were under a bit of a time crunch.

I had expected the food to come in the order of the menu but it did not.

dungeness crab cake

We were first served the dugeness crab cake and mini duck burger. On the menu, it states “burgers” but in actuality it was just the one. The crab cake fell apart immediately when I split it. It was good and I liked the salmon roe on it.

mini duck burger

The duck burger was juicy though I don’t know what the “special center” was as I didn’t notice it. I could have had three of these and been happy.

wild mushroom & boucheron pasta

Next came the wild mushroom and boucheron lasagna. Though the pasta was supposed to be spinach, it was white so that was interesting. There was a lot of cream to this dish and other than the tiny particles of salt, I didn’t feel there was much flavor. I could not taste the mushrooms though they were clearly there. Still, I liked it. Who’s not going to like a creamy pasta?

butternut squash and roasted corn fritters

The butternut squash and roasted corn fritters were so so. I liked the ancho chil sauce but I like ancho chili. And the micro celery was something new to me so I thought that was pretty good. I wouldn’t order this again though. They were too dry without the sauce.

filet served with porchini and syrah sauce

Our next two courses were the filet served with porchini and syrah sauce as well as the sous vide scallops with three sauces. The gay boyfriend’s not into red meat so he had a tiny bite while I went to town on that steak. It was tender and had the most flavor. This was my second favorite dish. The sauce itself could have had more wine. I thought the little potato squares were cute but they were really more of an adornment than anything. The filet also came with an edible flower which the gay boyfriend ate as he grew up eating flowers (yes, really!).

scallops sous vide

The scallops was the gay boyfriend’s second favorite thing. I wish it was more hot. But there was tons of flavor and surprisingly the sauce I was most looking forward to, the parsnip puree and corn butter was my least favorite of the three. The wasabi basil was the best and the raspberry habanero was very interesting. This was my third favorite dish.

green tea-ramisu ice cream and wild berry martini

And finally we received the green tea-ramisu ice cream and wild berry martini. The martini wasn’t actually alcoholic but it was strange. I felt it was just a sauce poured into a martini glass. It should have been served with a cake! It would have been great that way. But every time I took a sip, I felt like I was eating raspberry jam.

And then the green tea ice cream tasted so cheap! Like melted ice cream that had been refrozen. And frozen so solidly that we thought about asking for an chisel to get down to the bottom. A big boo on desserts. We left the two mostly untouched on the table. I walked by another table and they polished off their ice cream. Maybe theirs wasn’t as frozen.

In general, I really enjoy the Hatchi series. To experience small plates at $8 a plate is a very affordable way to taste food from well-known or “celebrity” chefs. While dessert didn’t float our boat this night, I did enjoy my food overall.

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