Hatchi: Around the World with Walter Manzke

I remember the first time I went to a Hatchi event at Breadbar. It was last August for Roberto Cortez’s “Unfamiliar Conflict.” I remember thinking at the time it was an omen they couldn’t find my reservation on their handwritten seating chart. Service was mediocre but I liked the concept and went a few more times; Eda Vesterman and Marcel Vigneron. Service was fine at Eda’s Hatchi. I had 6 p.m. reservations and we were in and out. For Marcel’s, I was severely disappointed to find we were seated at what I deemed the worst table and service picked up when I said as much.

Last week must have been the ultimate in bad restaurant service farces. While waiting for our dessert, we were told by “not a member of this establishment” (but obviously a member of Walter’s staff) that he knew and others were waiting as well but if it made us feel better, then he’ll put it on his Facebook status. Er?

Then during the bill accounting, we informed our server we did not actually receive the tarte flambe but was given a 20-minute old one from a neighboring table. The response? “Well, I didn’t charge them so I’ll charge you.” Um?

All that aside, most of the courses were pretty good to outstanding to meh. Plenty of blogs go into detail about them. Here are my fuzzy photographs.

amuse bouche

We received our amuse after about four courses in when I noticed other tables were getting them and I had to tell someone we hadn’t gotten ours.

Evan's Julep

I tried two of the three cocktails offered that night; Untamed Cherries and Evan’s Julep. I absolutely disliked the cherries one. I was very disappointed how insipid it tasted. Very artificial. But I loved the julep and debated another one.

Mexico: Yellowtail Ceviche

Thailand: White Corn Curry Soup with Mussels

Spain: Santa Barbara spot prawns

I was feeling pretty good about these courses. It’s always good to start off with lots of seafood!

Vietnam: Banh Mi/ pig's feet sliders

The sliders were my favorite of the night. I really liked the unexpectedness of it. Sure, you can say there’s something familiar about it but I could have had another two and been happy if I left at that moment. Hindsight is 20/20, right?

Italy: English Pea Ravioli

France: Tarte Flambe

These two weren’t my favorite courses. As I mentioned, the tarte came from a neighboring table. I’ve had it before when Walter demo’d it. Watch my video and weep at how it should have been.

Philippines: Leche Flan

Japan: Chocolate Fondant

Was the dessert wait of 30 minutes plus worth it? Maybe. The chocolate fondant was quite good.

Hatchi at Breadbar

Century City Mall
10250 Santa Monica Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90067
(310) 277-3770