Burgers: Umami & Sonic – A Comparison

Umami Burgers

I give up on trying to claim I’m not a burgers chick. How could I have gone to Umami one night and then feel compelled to trying out the new Sonic Drive-In a few days later? I can’t explain it other than I’ve been bit with the foodie bug.

zucchini fries

At Umami, I had the turkey miso which was good but I liked the gay boyfriend’s ahi tuna more with the seaweed. He felt the seaweed was a little weird and discarded it. Lucky me, I got to scoop the rest! They had zucchini fries as a special on Friday and we also got onion rings.

turkey miso

onion rings

At Umami, I felt so at home. The Hollywood location has a lot of cute customers! Wait, am I saying I’m cute? Well…

Yesterday, I was running errands and normally I go to the Target in Pasadena but happened to be at the Duarte one. What do you know, the new Sonic Drive-In was open. Should I try it? Should I just sit in my car and tweet about it?

humans don't take your order

I went and it was an hour long ordeal. I walked over from the Target and it was a good thing. The parking lot was insane. Now, I’ve never been to a Sonic before and didn’t realize it was really all about the drive-in (duh). I was directed to a machine where it took my order incorrectly. Someone eventually came out to help me but didn’t tell me they canceled my original order. You’ll have to forgive the crazed car-hops, they are working overtime to meet the demand.


I was going to take my order to go but eventually just ate on the patio. I wanted chili cheese tots.

combo #1 with chili cheese tots

You’ll have to forgive the ugly picture of the burger. I (wo)manhandled it to get it photo-ready but it just wouldn’t cooperate. It’s large and somewhat floppy. It wasn’t bad but at the same time, I wouldn’t order this again. This is when I started dreaming of Umami.

The chili cheese tots? Pretty decent but eat them quickly or else they’ll turn into mush and (get cold from sitting on the windy patio).

I figured out from the nifty Sonic website the calories consumed for this snack topped out around 1200 calories (the lemonade alone was over 400 calories!). Um. Yeah. Maybe I should have gone to the gym after all!

Umami Burger- $22.93

Sonic- $7.34