21 Choices: Nutter Butter Frozen Yogurt

21 Choices sign

After happy hour, we were fiending for dessert.  It was somewhat late, 9 p.m. and our choices were limited. I somehow sensed we were in for frozen yogurt.

I was concerned about the choices. Why is everything low fat or non-fat? Yecchhh…wait, I should try it and add more in with toppings. Yeah! 21 Choices isn’t your upstart tart froyo joint. It’s been around as long as I can remember in Old Town Pasadena. One of my friends loves mixing in animal cookies into his frozen yogurt but I like my crunch to come from nuts.

After sampling the white chocolate latte and nutter butter flavors, I went with nutter butter. I just love peanut butter. I requested chocolate shavings and almonds.

getting ready

nutter butter with toppings

chop mix chop

I got the tres small size with two toppings. Grand total? $3.70. Happiness for cheap.

Yay, froyo!

I would have liked the almonds to be teensy bit bigger pieces but otherwise, it was perfect.