Litz: Singaporean Dreams

On Saturday, I was driving along Garvey Avenue in the San Gabriel Valley hoping to find a gem. I was aiming for Mama Lu’s for dumplings but somehow stopped a block away and wandered into Litz.

I thought it was a Hong Kong style cafe at first. In high school and college, these were the places I frequented late at night because they were cheap and filling. I’m not sure why I don’t go to them more often. Oh, that’s right. My late night meal of choice is In N Out, bacon-wrapped hot dogs or the nearest taco truck (gourmet or not).

In any case, it was lunch time and I wanted dumplings and noodles. Litz is described as Singaporean. Perhaps because they have two pages of Singaporean specials and various dishes sprinkled throughout the menu.

laksa dumplings

We ordered the Laksa dumplings which came in a terrific soup. Having recently tried Simpang Asia‘s laksa soup, I was surprised how tasty Litz’s soup was. And the dumplings were great. A very smokey pork and leek with tender wrappers.

3 flavors fried noodles

I should have ordered the Singaporean rice noodles but my eye wandered into the Hong Kong cafe dishes section and I chose the 3-meat combo fried noodles. It was a simple dish with strips of chicken, beef and ham. The gravy was satisfying with the crunchy noodles.

pork chop curry

We also had the pork chop curry which wasn’t Litz’s best dish with somewhat mushy potato chunks and very little carrot slices. Still, the pork was breaded and perfectly crispy. And if it wasn’t spicy enough (and even for me, it wasn’t), Litz makes a great housemade chili sauce.

lemon iced tea

I’d like to come back just for the Singaporean specialties because as a Hong Kong cafe, it was average. Even the classic lemon iced tea wasn’t great. I could taste every granule of sugar.

Until then, I’m dreaming of Singaporean rice noodles! I can taste the mai fun now.

Litz Restaurant

201 E Garvey Ave
Monterey Park, CA 91755

(626) 288-8882