The Minty: On the Move

“You are the busiest person I know. Do you ever stay home and relax?”

Admittedly, not really.

I recently told a friend that I do like to veg. Sleep in. Read. Art it up (craft). I can get lost in mindless junk TV like the best of them.

However, I find myself out more often than not because I’m a compulsive socializer.  I have never eaten a sit-down dinner alone. Very rarely do I go out to the movies by myself. Although I do travel by myself. When in those situations, I tend to find a little cafe.  Eating out becomes a necessity rather than fun.

mirrored roller skate at Doll Factory

This past week, I went to roller derby. I love the LA Derby Dolls and bought season tickets. The first bout was last Saturday. Earlier that day, I did my Sri Lankan crawl, picked up cupcakes with a friend and then I was at the Doll Factory.

getting ready to jam

It’s pretty intese, rather like my life. The Dolls usually have an after party but I’ve yet to make it to one because by the end of the night, I’ve dipped pretty far into my energy reserves. To top it off, I was invited to a birthday party which I also skipped. I felt bad about it but the Minty needs some sleep!

The next day was a Minty day. I had to run errands. That Target trip I’d been putting off? It became absolutely necessary when I realized I had almost no more contact solution and toilet paper. Uh yeah, necessities. While at Target, I saw Sonic Drive-in which I had to stop in.

I had planned a little happy hour on Monday but various people couldn’t make it due to illness and/or scheduling so I pushed that to Wednesday.

On Tuesday, I was in Santa Monica eating my favorite fish and chips in the whole world. Well, I’ve not been to England yet so I get to claim Ye Olde King’s Head as my favorite.

King's portion of Fish and Chips

sticky toffee pudding

Of course, I couldn’t leave without having the sticky toffee pudding. De-ca-dent! However, now that I’ve had Westside Tavern’s sticky toffee cake, I can admit I like that cake more than King’s Head (uh oh!).

Then I was at two bars; the Yard where I saw Top Chef CJ though I didn’t sample any food. I also went next door to the Fifth Ammendment where I’ve had llama sliders before.

lamb dip at Cole's

I had heard from a friend Varnish was supposed to start doing happy hour. They were going to call it Social Hour but when we arrived this Wednesday, they were still closed. Apparently Social Hour is still a pipedream. Ah well, I enjoyed my lamb dip, Manhattan and mango champagne coctail at Cole’s.

Ward 8 at Varnish

As usual, I got the Bartender’s Choice at Varnish. Up until Wednesday, I’ve never had the same “aromatic bourbon cocktail” twice but I got the Talent Scout again which was good. Otherwise, I probably would have gotten the Ward 8. Carina of the UncouthGourmands got it and it was quite wonderful. It rivaled my favorite Ward 8 at Bottega Louie.

bone marrow

By Thursday, I was still out partying. This time, I had a 2-hour lunch at Church & State. We started with the bone marrow which split among 3 people wasn’t quite enough. I was glad we also got brussel sprouts and the mac and cheese to share as well as our individual entrees. I had the bouillabaisse which was definitely a seafood lover’s dream. I loved the shrimp in it.


But the day had barely began. I had dinner at Oinkster. I love their reuben. Really tender pastrami. That and the taco and cupcake I had at Little Cave saved me from a terrible evening filled with too much tequila.

I’m just as busy this weekend. But there are some nights I do really wish I could curl up with a good book and veg.

Well, not this weekend.

Maybe I’ll sleep when I’m dead.