Vis a Vis with Cube, Vizzi & World Fare

There are just some days where things come together. Originally my Saturday consisted of just roller derby. I wanted to take a friend out for his birthday since he expressed to me how much he wanted to check it out.

Then the opportunity came along to check out Cube‘s Saturday pop-up in DTLA. Their marketplace pop-up is very fun with shopping, garden lectures/classes along with wine education. I took the Intro to Italian Wines with David King, Cube’s Wine Assistant. I found David to be very personable and knowledgeable about wine. It’s funny, usually when I hear someone describe a wine, I don’t always agree with them but David’s descriptions were spot on. What was even more cool was he knew exactly what you would like based on taste preferences. There was someone there who wasn’t into wine, who found it too sour. David pegged him right away for a sweets guy.

The next pop-up will be in August. I definitely want to take another class with David again. I learned so much. I never realized most Italian wines were named for the region rather than the wine type. And my hatred of Sangiovese (the grape) explains why I also dislike Chianti (also made from the Sangiovese grape). Both are too earthy for me. I much preferred the barolo or amarone.

See more pictures from the wine class.

Before the Cube pop-up, I wanted to go to the Brewery ArtWalk. I later saw Vizzi and World Fare food trucks would be there. I wanted to check out these new food trucks so when hunger struck while strolling through the ArtWalk, we headed over.

Vizzi’s been around less than a month and it’s probably one of the fanciest trucks I’ve seen with large screen TVs playing music videos, scrolling through food porn and other entainment.

Carina from the Uncouth Gourmands and I shared jidori chicken and braised wagyu beef sliders as well as a couple of cookies. I loved that they were served with this gourmet popcorn. There were bits of fig in mine. We had the meal as an appetizer because then World Fare rolled in.

See more pics from Vizzi here.

World Fare took some time to set up. It is touting itself as a BUStaurant. It’s a double-decker bus and you go upstairs to eat your food and hang out. There are marble counter tops and umbrellas. Seating is forthcoming.

chicken curry & braised short ribs bunny chow

Bunny Chow is a South African slang term for hollowed out bread filled with chicken curry. World Fare uses a soft brioche that barely withstood the juices and curry fillings.

I’m more of a beef girl than chicken but on this day, I preferred the chicken over beef at both trucks. Maybe it has something to do the fact Jidori chicken is the next “it” food? Nah, I just liked the chicken more.

See more pics from World Fare here.

Actually, what I really like is pork and seafood so look out piggies and fishies!