Dinner at Drago Centro

I’m no stranger to Drago Centro having gone to numerous happy hours and a few lunches but I’ve always dined at the bar. Last night, I had a multi-course dinner in the main dining room and it was utterly fantastic.

After grabbing an Espatriato (Buffalo Trace bourbon, ginger, Thai basil, orange and lemon juices) from the bar, my friend and I sat down and were immediately offered black napkins since both of us were wearing dark clothes.

amuse bouche

We took our time figuring out what we wanted though to be honest, I already knew I was going to get the veal ossobucco if I couldn’t talk  my health-conscience (read: skinny) friend into the 6-course $75 tasting menu.

diver scallops

baby octopus salad

We are seafood girls and both started with seafood. She got the seared diver scallops that were absolutely wonderful. Very delicate yet richly flavored. I had the baby octopus salad which was perfect. Some of my friends call me Baby Squid since I adore octopus and squid so much, especially tentacles and legs.

chantrelle mushroom risotto

Drago Centro’s Sommelier and Beverage Director Michael Shearin was very kind to send over a bottle of what he termed Italy’s answer to champagne. Later, Drago Centro’s Director Matteo Ferdinandi asked me if Italy won yet. Yes, indeed they have.

I thought the bubbly cut the richness of the risotto very well. It was very creamy and well-textured. The chantrelle mushrooms were so flavorful.

truffle crusted chicken

Although I didn’t say it out loud, I really wanted to try the truffle chicken. My friend must have read my mind because she ordered it. I tried a bite and loved the crunchy initial bite and then sauce was great too.

braised veal osso bucco

Marrow! Bone Marrow! Oooh, I got some nice marrow which I immediately scooped out and greedily ate. The braised veal was very tender and I enjoyed the endive and mashed parsnips that came with the dish.

trio of desserts

We weren’t planning on dessert but Drago Centro sent out a trio of desserts so of course we had to try them. I have had the doughnut before and it was still my favorite. The ice cream went very well with the chocolate cake. But I was so full I wasn’t able to finish it. Later, I had to explain to Matteo I was a judge at the Cupcake Challenge and was still recovering from the sugar overload. He forgave me. This time. I don’t think I’ll get off so easy when I really do come back for that 6-course tasting. Oh wait, didn’t I have 6 courses last night? But I didn’t have these 6 courses so I must go again. Soon.

Drago Centro

525 S Flower St
Ste 120
Los Angeles, CA 90071
(213) 228-8998