It’s My 21st Birthday (again)!

I love birthdays. I love celebrations. I spend all year wondering where I should go for my birthday. Since it’s Labor Day weekend, I never expect to see all my friends at once as many go out of town but it’s always fun to see who’ll show up. I have some friends who only see each other at my party every year.

This year, I invited folks to come hang out at one of my faves, Drago Centro. We took over the patio and it was really cool of Drago Centro to create a drink special for my group, send out little treats and generally took care of me.

I had to take pictures of all the girls cool shoes. I wore nude booties this evening to go with my one-shouldered bronze dress.

After dessert, we headed out for a DTLA bar crawl. I am such a lucky girl to have friends who think it’s normal to go to 6 bars. We actually only made it to 4 but who’s counting? We had fun at the Falls, Las Perlas and Varnish. I am seriously unhappy with Association but I’m not going to get into it right now as this is supposed to be my fun birthday post.

The night couldn’t end without greasy diner food. I requested the Pantry to keep to DTLA but the line was madness and we descended upon Brite Spot in Echo Park.

I needed something to soak up all the drinks I’d been imbibing…a little protein, okay, a lot of protein between the eggs and ham plus the hashbrowns did the trick.

I’m looking forward to another great year! Thank you to everyone who made it out!