Mindshare LA

I attended my first Mindshare LA event last week. I was motivated to go when I saw Micki Krimmel, a Derby Doll was speaking about her website, Neighbor Goods. You know me and my roller derby (bout this Saturday!). I really didn’t know what to expect but walking into the old stock exchange building, now remodeled as The Exchange LA, I felt this odd sense of premonition. Like this is where I should be. I wandered around and it seemed as if I was watching a movie of my life. Who were these people? The lights, the occasional burst of laughter that cut through the droning pulsating music and the oddities. Er, I mean entertainment. You could get your picture taken, try to meet someone with a matching sticker from your nametag or just drink.

I chose to have a drink which was a bad idea as I missed the complimentary cocktails and was forced to drink rubbing alcohol or so it seemed like it. I believe it was their version of a Vodka tonic.

Josie of the Uncouth Gourmands joined me for this adventure and we snagged second row seats. The auditorium filled up and we enjoyed several speakers. I liked almost all of them to varying degrees. My fave turned out to be the last speaker, Ethan Nicholle, the illustrator of Axe Cop. It’s a webcomic he does with his much younger brother. The general storyline is so insane but at the same time, hilarious. He definitely had the crowd’s attention.

Brown Derby from the Falls

After, we probably should have stayed longer to mingle but we decided to try Fry or Die, the truck from Dante Fried Chicken and a proper cocktail from the Falls.

The next Mindshare LA event is September 16.

Exchange LA

618 South Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014

(213) 627-8070

The Falls

626 S Spring St
Los Angeles, CA 90014